a personal and professional disclaimer…


I think it’s so important when talking about a subject like skincare to note that what works for me may not work for you. You might detest a product that I’m over the moon for. I know what works for my skin. How? I can honestly say that I have no idea (gasp – useless!). I just do. And you probably feel the same way about your skin. After a decade-plus of trial-and-error, you become pretty confident with both blind-buys and being able to write something off simply by looking at an ingredients list, reading a few reviews, and seeing some pictures. In saying that, I have pretty normal/hardy skin, so I’m comfortable trying most products at least once! There are very few things that *knocks on wood* break me out into spots or an allergic reaction/rash. However, if I can’t stomach the way a product smells (the breadth of my Instagram following will tell you I have a thing about smells), or if it has a suspicious texture (e.g., gelatinous, balls up/flakes off when rubbed into the skin, etc.), I won’t use it. Simple. And I don’t care if the product turns out to be the Fountain of Youth. I guess you could say that at the most basic level, I like using beautiful products. Luxuriating in the ritual of a skincare regimen is very important to me.


Honesty is the best policy. Seriously. Which leads me to…


I created this blog to share my thoughts on beauty products and reflections of my personal life with the lovely people I’ve met online. The articles on this blog are intended to be thought-provoking, helpful, thorough, and above all, genuine. Opinions expressed here are 100% my own—from my brain to my keyboard. I do not expect gratis or PR samples to be sent to me. If you are the CEO or PR representative for a company and would like to reach out, please do so by e-mailing me at skintrovert@gmail.com. In doing so, please understand the following:

• All products sent as PR samples/gratis will be marked as such in posts they are included in. Non-negotiable.

• If a product/products is/are sent for review purposes, please do not try to sway or bribe me into writing a positive review. Positive reviews will be written about products that I genuinely enjoy. If I dislike a product, I will write a review stating why I personally dislike it.

• If I find that I cannot use a product sent as a PR sample (say, due to an allergic reaction), I will pass it along to a friend or family member and write a review using notes they provide me with.

• I will never lie.

If we understand each other here, please carry on — I look forward to hearing from you!


Bobby, A.K.A. – The SKINTROVERT  


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